Our Process

Our Process-dealsvan

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How do we pick products?

Our Process and method are crystal clear from the very beginning. We offer quality content to people.

our process - dealsvan


Depending on the product type, we spend hours researching and compiling all reputed product sources to gather the most authentic and checked product data.


STEP-02: Study of 24 HOURS

Based on customer ratings & feedback, we filter down the products. We take both negative and positive reviews into consideration.
Then we do a full-fledged analysis of hours to ensure that only certain items that are worth your money are recommended. We compile accurate product details in full and review the requirements carefully.

STEP-03: Assessment OF Goods

Based on the results of the study, we determine the goods. We carefully review and analyze the products’ performance, ease of use, features, reliability, and other significant benchmarks. And then, accordingly, rank them. In our post, only those products that cross all the hurdles get a spot.

Guidelines for Editorials

  • To ensure quality content, we have a list that should be followed before publishing:
  • We recommend items that offer tremendous customer support from reputable brands, so you can have a hassle-free shopping experience.
  • To ensure the information is legitimate, check that all information has been collected from reputed sources.
  • We also add some of the outer side links that may be helpful to users when buying the item.
  • Evaluate the goods that meet all the criteria that we have developed.
  • Until it is published online, ensure that all the data has gone through quality control by the respective authority.
  • There are a variety of different papers that fit into the various chapters. These include general articles, reviews of goods, opinions, etc. We make sure that each written unique one fulfills the requirement of the net
  • The best ‘Editor’s Pick’ badge is awarded to full-mark products; four-and-a-half stars are the’ Recommended ‘badge; without a badge, four stars or fewer are presented.
  • We won’t forget about it until we post an article. Whenever a new product with new technologies is brought in, we update our post.
  • We believe that input from the public is significant. Based on your ideas, complaints, and other reviews, we are committed to communicating with you and taking action.

Most significantly, in order to make money from affiliate sales, our editorial team does not review any products

What do we do for you?  

Save Your Precious Time

time save - dealsvan

Our website will help you save your time doing in-depth research for the product you want for yourself because we understand the value of time.

Save Your Money

We make sure that you do not waste money on an incorrect object. We do this by recommending one of the best available items out there.

Help You Make Smart Decisions

To help you make better choices about all the things you need for yourself, we provide you with all the data you need, including a buyer’s guide.

Any Suggestions? 

Any suggestion | dealsvan

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Or please let us know if you come across an article that you think can be enhanced. We look forward to being able to hear from you. Your feedback is valuable to us because it will allow us to refine and improve the user experience.
You can contact us by email at [email protected]

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